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5 Fitness Apps That’ll Be Like Your Own Personal Trainer

Maintaining healthy habits and staying fit is hard. Deliveroo and Netflix is just so tempting and unless you’re forking out $60 a session for your PT, it can be hard to motivate yourself to keep going. But luckily technology, as always, has a solution for us.

Our smartphones are usually an extension of ourselves. They’re literally attached to our hips daily, so what better place to have a personal trainer? These apps can help you stick to your fitness goals and maybe, just maybe, help you reach them.

#1 Bodyspace

Bodyspace lets you create workouts by choosing from their database of literally thousands of exercises (no lies, no gimmicks, this is the app I use daily.) You can form your own programs and track your goals and progression. The best part is that you can view your exercise history, so you never have to second guess what weight you can lift. It even provides handy graphs, so you can answer the question, is less reps with more weight making me stronger or is it better to do higher reps with less weight?

#2 Map My Fitness

There are a lot of running apps and if you have a Fitbit, then just keep doing what you’re doing. Map My Fitness is one of the best apps out there, because it lets you join an entire community and it is synced with the other Under Armour Apps like My Fitness Pal. You can get stats whilst you run, such as distance and time, so you don’t need to keep checking your phone to know if you are outpacing Usain Bolt.

#3 7 Minute Workout: Exercise App

They say the best type of workout is a quick workout (totally true.) They probably didn’t think it would mean just 7 minutes, but here we are. This fitness app by Wahoo Fitness offers up 12 high intensity HIIT type workouts. The free plan challenges you and offers tutorials, so you know what to do. If you pay to upgrade, you can customise the workouts to suite you and even gain access to more routines. 30 seconds per exercise with 10 seconds rest for seven minutes. Harder than it sounds, but it’s totally achievable and time will fly by.

#4 Fitbod Workout

Fitbod guides you through your workout and even lets you customise the app to suit your gym. So, if your gym equipment is lacking, let the app know and they will design a workout around it. The app is designed to create workouts for you, so there’s not a lot of room for self-creation, perfect if you don’t want to do the thinking. All the data is available, including what exercises your body can’t do, to being your own personal iPhone PT.

#5 Aaptiv

If the little voice in your head tells you it’s too hard, then replace that voice with Aaptiv. This audio workout guides you through cardio exercises like running, cycling and more. You can choose your trainer, and be advised on the type of music you will enjoy whilst working out. Apps such as this one is perfect if you love the thought of a spin class, but doing it is a different thought entirely.

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