Flaming Moe’s Pop Up Bars Coming To Oz For All You Thirsty Kids

Everyone rejoice, because just when you couldn’t get more excited for summer, this amazing news hit’s ‘ya doorstep. That’s right folks, hit up your Carl and Lenny equivalents in the group chat, because Flaming Moe’s pop up bars are set to hit Australia very soon.

The series of life-size pop up bars will be hitting Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in April 2019 (exact dates to be announced) – for one night only. The venues will be serving up classic Flaming Moe’s as well as bottomless Duff Beer inspired from the best cartoon sitcom of all time (is it even a debate??).

And if that wasn’t enough for you nostalgic folk, they’ll be doing Simpsons Trivia at every pop up, because what type of throwback would it be if you couldn’t name Bart’s evil twin bro?

To score tickets to these exclusive set of Flaming Moe’s pop ups, simply head to the official website here, sign up and pray to Reverend Lovejoy that you get some invites. There ain’t too much info other than that for now, so keep ‘ya eyes peeled, friends.

(Also would it even be an article about Moe without the classic clip below?).

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