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‘Flirty Dancing’ Is The Reality Dating Show You Never Knew You Needed

Moonwalk right into my heart, yes please!

Step aside Bachelors (and -ettes’). You can all forget about Love Island, and cancel your application for A Farmer Wants A Wife (and don’t even think about Married At First Sight); because I have found the best dating show to ever exist.

Introducing: Flirty Dancing. 

And it’s a work of pure genius.

The reality dating show brings every hopeless romantic’s two most secret dreams to life: finding love at first sight that manifests in spontaneous dance. Something straight out of the cheesiest rom-coms, but this is reality TV.

In one episode, choreographer Ashley Banjo plays cupid by teaching two prospective couples (but complete strangers) two separate halves of a dance routine that is brought together in rom-com-worthy locations to let the sparks fly.

Sounds weird, but I can confirm, it’s some of the most wholesome television you will ever see.

You can’t tell me that your heart didn’t explode.

And the reviews are 100% unanimous on the side of: this is the best thing. EVER. 

It’s got the wholesomeness of Great British [or AustralianBake-Off, the cuteness of First Dates and the romantic, swelling musical score of a Bachy finale. Not to mention, it’s got the success rate of millions of years of successful mating rituals to back it up.

This is the beginning of my campaign to begin production on this showdown under effective immediately. In a world where our reality dating shows have been tainted by overproduced catty drama, macho man showdowns, shock departures (💔Ciarran 💔), lackluster casting, cheating scandals and partner-swaps, peeing in potplants, that all culminates in national heartbreak time and time again (we’re here for you, Timm 💔).

How could we not need this show to save the burning dumpster fire of toxic competition disguised as ‘real love’ reality dating shows have become?

I mean COME ON!

Until it arrives on Australian screens, I’ll be streaming two seasons Channel 4 and the television gods have blessed us with. On repeat. And dreaming of the day when I meet the love of my life through a choreographed dance on national television.

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