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Foods Worth Travelling For Across The World

From local delicacies to food fusions worth bragging about, travel and food go hand in hand. These particular offerings are so titilating for the tastebuds, it’s worth packing up just to have a bite. After a long day of sightseeing is they’re anything more gratifying? Or perhaps the food itself garners a spot on your itinerary. These are the foods worth travelling for, all over the globe. Warning: what follows may induce extreme hunger and ultimately hanger

Ferburger – New Zealand

Nestled in the heart of beautiful Queenstown, this popular little burger shop has been named by many as the “best burgers in the world”, and from past experience, I would say exactly the same. A variety of burgers for everyone, from lamb, to fish, to even falafel for the vegetarian enthusiasts.

Spaghettis – Germany

For all the sweet tooth lovers out there, this German ice cream dish is made to look like…yes that’s right…a plate of spaghetti. With vanilla icecream fed through a modified spatzel press, served with whipped cream and topped with strawberry sauce to resemble the bolognase and coconut flakes, almond flakes or chocolate flakes to resemble the parmase cheese, this treat on a hot day in Germany at the local ice cream parlour is sure to cool you down.

Kobe Beef – Japan

Just look at that marbling. Kobe beef you find here in Aus is likely just a sticker planted upon a tasty steak. If you want the real deal, look no further than the home of the best beef the world over. Kobe, Japan will let you see the process of prize winning steaks and cook you up a feast you’ll never forget. If only we could bring a rump or two home.

Betutu – Indonesia

A popular dish in Indonesia, this traditional Balinese dish is a must do when discovering the unique culture of Bali’s hotels and restaurants. Usually either roasted chicken or duck served with a signature betutu spice and a choice of a side.

Biltong & Droewors – South Africa

This traditional 400 year old South African beef snack is cured and aged in a unique way, which gives its high nutritional value. This dried beef is then spiced in saffron, cinammon, vinegar, salt, coriander and other healthy spices. So if you’re peckish in South Africa, look no further than this locally made snack while you tackle that African safari you’ve been dreaming about.

Pintxos – Spain

Tiny little tapas perfect for on the go eating. With a late night culture supported by a system of daily naps (siestas), they need fuel that isn’t going to halt their sleep. Artfully cured meats stacked upon bready delights, a taste test style meal we can get on board with.

Bibim Guksu – South Korea

Spicy cold noodles tossed in a whole range of flavours make this South Korean dish a real winner. There’s flashes of cabbage and lashings of kimchi on top, get ready to slurp up a meal to remember.

Mille Feuille – France

What the French do best is pastry, so when wandering the charming streets forgo the usual macaroon for a more decadent option. The pastry is hand crafted not store bought and the filling piped individually. Once you have one you’ll be existing on this dessert alone for the rest of your trip. We can never have enough marscapone.

Goulash – Hungary

For the eastern european nations it’s all about the hearty foods, to get you through the winter. Goulash will not disappoint, it will warm your soul with every spoonful. Grab potato dumplings on the side and dunk them into the magic stew. Licking the bowl isn’t just acceptable, it’s encouraged.

Sichuan Hot Pot – China

A communal meal where you’re given a range of foods to cook for yourself. The stovetop is brought to the table and you share the cooking experience. First broth, then veggies then searing meat so it’s piping hot for you to eat. It doesn’t get much fresher than this.

Älplermagronen – Switzerland

An upscaled mac and cheese dusted with the Swiss famous rosti. It’s gooey, creamy and all kinds of oozy. Forget that packet mix, you’ll be having dairy laden dreams about this one.

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