Forget ‘I Love You’, Here Are The Real Relationship Milestones To Tick Off

Whether you’ve hit that 3 word stage in your relationship, or you’re still testing the waters, you’re bound to have hit a few of these milestones. Not necessarily the romantic, important life events you hoped for. But 100% realistic.

#1 The First Time They See Your Real Undies

I’m not talking about those lacy ones you put on purely for sexy time. I mean those embarrassing but super comfy Harry Potter ones you bought about 6 years ago but can’t bear to part with. If they love you they’ll think they’re sexy, right?

#2 Your First Trip To IKEA

Forget the actual milestone of moving in together. Your first trip to IKEA with incur so much more. At first a magical experience that too quickly turns into an overwhelming one and here’s a huge potential for water works. Thank god for meatballs.

#3 The First Time You’re Drunk Sick

No, I’m not talking about that unfortunate gastro virus. You know you’ll have reached a milestone the first time one of you is horrendously drunk sick in front of the other. Just please, get to the bathroom to avoid long term grudges.

#4 When You Combine Your Netflix Accounts

In this day and age, moving onto one Netflix account basically translates to ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you.’ No pressure.

#5 Toilet Talk Is No Longer An Issue

Peeing and pooing in front of your partner is a pretty hefty milestone. Some couples may never be comfortable with this. I, for one, am far too comfortable with it. Find a middle ground.

#6 Someone Mentions Children

The immediate panic. The backtrack. The ‘I totally did not mean that as an actual thing (did I?) please don’t break up with me’ moment which could be fatal.

#7 Body Hair Becomes A Part Of Life

Gone are the days of trimming and shaving that body hair. We’re free spirits now and we feel amazing (ish).

#8 The First Fart

I saved the best ’til last. The ultimate guide to where you stand in your relationship.

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