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Forget The Mixtape, Spotify Is The Modern Day Romantic Resource

Spotify isn’t just your streaming companion providing a soundtrack to your daily happenings, in fact it’s even more embedded than you realise. From the moment you make your way to work til the evening when you head out to pound the pavement (for the first time in a while), what’s life without a little backing music? Well, turns out it’s not just a player anymore, instead it’s an instigator of all things love and flirtation. The modern day cupid is armed with a Spotify account and a load of creativity.

Where once Romeos and bachelors had to stand outside windows and turn the boom box right on up, the modern lover need not worry with such equipment. Instead a savvy few have used a little select stream to reel their loves in. From punderful endeavours to the proverbial mixtape that shows just how perfect for each other you are, it’s a creative way to make your crush aware of your affections. While some lament the lost mixtape culture of a generation past, the modern day mixtape is that artfully selected playlist. Literally and more meta, take your pick; just as your most recently played artists speaks to who you are, wear that playlist like a badge of honour.

Movies too are buying in on the nostalgia, take Quill’s mixtape in Guardians of The Galaxy, an epic soundtrack that leads the Starlord on to get the girl and stay connected to his parents. While more realistic depictions exist in The Perks of Being A Wallflower and Nick and Norah’s Infinite PlaylistEasy A‘s take on the boombox trope is perhaps the most realistic. Penn Badly goes full John Cusack for Emma Stone, speakers lifted high and tunes ablaze.

Take these examples of careful courting via Spotify, throwing tunes like rose petals as a digital breadcrumb trail for lovers to be.

Or take Hannah’s lead and tell it to them straight, instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve let your playlist do the talking.

Or for the nerdier readers playing at home, why not impress your date demonstrating your shared interests. After all, what’s love without a little Star Wars? Not so stellar really.

You can even make the tough conversation a little easier to hear, with the help of a – ahem – softer delivery. The humble Spotify playlist can mediate even the most mitigating of break up situations – impartially. Just beware of the angsty breakup songs to follow.

And now you’re riding solo, why not treat your pet to a dulcet playlist they can really wag their tail too? For when people get too much and you want to throw your Tinder account to the wind.

Or just cut straight to the chase with a Netflix and Chill Playlist, sans visuals or poorly timed silence – this soundtrack is all about getting down to business.

Dating sure isn’t what it used to be, but for every sprinkle of nostalgia a new incarnation becomes the norm. Have you ever made your love a playlist? Get to it maestro.

Image source: Hot Flick, Cierra Pedro.

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