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Freaky Sounds On Stranger Things Inspired Netflix To Update Their Audio Quality

The bellowing rage of a Demogorgon simply cannot be appreciated on anything less than A-grade sound quality. Dustin knows this and so too does Netflix…which is why they’ve worked alongside the directors of Stranger Things to revolutionise audio as we know it.

The audio update will roll out across all series and films on Netflix to provide for a more ‘crisp and immersive experience’. They’re calling it ‘high-quality audio’ and it’s pretty much exactly how it sounds – providing audio at a higher bitrate that corresponds with Internet speed on the device you’re watching.

Goodbye Buffering

This is a big call considering us Aussies grapple with Internet speeds from the Dark Ages but we’re hoping this audio upgrade could be the end of buffering for good. Netflix’s video feeds already use this adaptive audio, which is why the little previews you see are always crystal clear quality. It’s expected that integrating the same approach into full length series and flicks will eliminate the buffer all together (we hope and pray, anyway).

Thank you Netflix. We appreciate you.

Sources: Giphy, IMDb, Youtube.

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