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Fresh Beats: Foals’ Massive Return, James Blake Killing The Game (Still), Vampire Weekend & Jack River Teams With Peking Duk

This fortnight’s new music is packed with a few solid comebacks + a handful of new collabs, with the usual mix of Aussie artists and overseas delights. With the announcement of a two-part album series this year, Foals are coming back stronger than ever. James Blake releases yet another solid album and Jack River has teamed up with Peking Duck for a 90’s pop-inspired banger to see us through the last of the summer sun.

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Firey Comeback For Foals

Despite the loss of bassist, Walter Gervers, a year ago this month, British rock band Foals have managed to surprise us all by announcing their 5th (and 6th) albums which are to be released this year. Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1 will grace us in March with Part 2 coming later in 2019.

Earlier this week, the Brits released the first single from the two albums Exits, which without a doubt reminds us of why we love the band. According to NME, the boys have diversified their music over the two albums and say that the first album will have more of a new wave feel to it. Whereas the second will coincide with the bands’ rock roots, not dissimilar to their last album What Went Down. Fittingly, the band have focussed on a millennial theme. “There’s a lot at stake for our generation… and it sums up a lot of the themes on the record.” said frontman Yannis.

Unfortunately, Australia is not a destination the boys will be visiting on this year’s tour, in which they’ll be visiting the US, UK, and parts of Europe. *Cry*

James Blake Can Do No Wrong

Teaming up with a multitude of big names for his new album Assume Form, James Blake brings us his innermost thoughts and feelings. The twelve track record features some incredible collaborations with Travis Scott in Mile High and André 3000 in Where’s The Catch. My personal favourite, though, has to be the angelic voice of Spanish singer-songwriter ROSALÍA in Barefoot In The Park. Her voice compliments his perfectly to create the electronic vibe we know all too well.

Assume Form has been described by many as a ‘coming of age’ album for Blake. And although still the rather sombre tone, the album holds a variety of collaborations that enhance each song perfectly. An album to put on come late nights and deep chats.

90’s Comeback Vibe For Jack River & Peking Duk

Changing things up hugely and definitely for the better are Jack River and Peking Duk. Taking inspiration for the Venga Boys and Aqua, Sugar will give you the perfect nostalgic hit to round off a huge summer.

The pair teamed up with Holly Rankin aka Jack River when they were on the road together for Peking Duk’s Wasted Tour. The guy’s said on Triple J the other day that ‘As soon as Holly was like ‘here’s an idea’, it immediately put it through a whole different lens and made it really fun, happy, and a party.” Juuust what we like. Crack this one on with those windows down to make the most of it whilst the sun’s still shining.

Vampire Weekend’s Much Awaited New Songs

The Vampire Weekend boys have been OTT cryptic about their upcoming album. But it’s completely fair enough to hype the album up a little since it’s their first for 6 years. Yep, you heard that one right. So, without further ado…

The album title is Father Of The Bride, and the two brand new releases are called Harmony Hall and 2021.

Harmony Hall starts out with an unexpected acoustic guitar riff, which soon reverts into classic Vampire Weekend territory. Whereas the much short 2021 is a stripped down version of a song written by Haruomi Hosono in the eighties. The band have yet to announce the official release date for Father Of The Bride but one thing’s for sure, after a successful set at Falls and several side shows, we cannot wait to hear more new music.

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