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Fab Friend-Date Ideas When You’re Single AF

Sometimes we get so caught up in going on dates with our significant others and whilst there’s nothing wrong with that (it’s romantic and the butterflies are awesome), it’s really nice to do the things that maybe your partner won’t always enjoy – and that’s what best friends are for. You may also be single AF and need some things to do with your friends, this can be riveting in its own way. Listed are some friend-date ideas which you and your bestie can really bond over and enjoy together.

#1 Bake Together

Whether you’re the next Donna Hay or you’ve never baked in your life, this is such a fun way to hang out with your friends. If you’re a complete amateur, you could start off with some cupcakes that you mutually agree on flavour-wise. If you have a little bit more experience you can go all out and make one heck of a cake – a friend get-together is a momentous occasion after all. Pump some tunes and watch a YouTube tutorial (or two) if you need help starting your baking adventure – the best part is stuffing your face when it’s finally ready. You would have earned it.

#2 Watch Your Favourite Movies Under The Stars

Movies are always an option and they’re always a good one. You could do the usual by going to the cinema or watching a movie in the living room, or you could really take it up a notch and have a movie night under the stars. There are options like the moonlight or drive-in cinemas, but you could also have your pick of movies and set up some cushions and blankets outside and play the movies off of a projector.

#3 Go Fruit Picking

When you usually hear “friend-date”, fruit picking isn’t the first thing that comes to mind – and that’s what makes it so much more enjoyable. Go to an apple orchard or cherry farm and pick the produce all on your own. You could get into the feel of it even more and wear some scarves around your neck and/or some overalls (you could be adventurous and wear both.) Be sure to also pack a picnic basket and mat to enjoy the fruits of your labour (pun was definitely intended) at the end of your picking fun.

#4 Try A New Sport

You could be the type who plays a whole bunch of sports or you could be the person who had an excuse to get out of playing sports for as long as you can remember. Regardless of which category you fit into, it would be really nice to challenge yourself to learn a new sport. The Australian Open might have given you that inspo to take the leap and learn tennis, or you could decide a sport like badminton would be more up your alley. Either way, starting to learn whatever sport you choose may encourage you to keep pursuing it with your friend(s). It will at least give you an excuse to see each other more often, if you don’t already.

#5 Road Trip

There are so many beautiful places to visit – especially in Australia. Take advantage of being with your friends and debate on who has control of the AUX cord (or Bluetooth) and wear the crown of music queen/king. If you and your crew are more of the adventurous type, you could road trip to something exciting like zip-lining or quad biking (which are also really fun friend-date ideas) that are usually further away. If you feel like something a little bit more chill, you could go and visit a really scenic view that Mother Nature has so kindly provided you with an endless list of options.

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