6 Lessons We Can Learn From Jarryd Hayne

The Hayne bloody Plane is cranking up some serious speed after a competitive debut to remember for the San Francisco 49ers over the weekend. His 53-metre run has been all over the interwebs and the odds of him securing a permanent contract with the NFL side are falling quicker than Luis Suarez in the penalty box. And we think we can all learn some lessons from the Sydney lad’s bourgeoning NFL career. 1. Take a risk, when you are stable enough When Hayne left the $$$ of the NRL for the potential $$$$$$$$$$$ of the NFL – many thought he was a mad man. And well, maybe he was a bit. But all those who achieve greatness arguably have to have a little bit of that. I heard a lot of idiots people say that Hayne was selling out by going to the NFL – clearly these people struggled at school. Rather, he was taking a ridiculous risk. Hayne was set to become the highest paid player in the NRL when he made the NFL announcement. And that is key. He no doubt had worked hard to make it to the top echelons of rugby league, and I’m sure a … Continue reading 6 Lessons We Can Learn From Jarryd Hayne