Vox Pop – Deric Samji

Name: Deric Samji Age: 22 Occupation/title: Loan Officer Industry: Finance Belle Gibson. Wellness blogger who lied about having cancer, raising $300,000 as a result, claims mental illness for her lies – should she be punished? I believe that she deceived the public especially those people looking for inspiration. I think the money raised should be taken back and used for another charity/funding organisation with a clear vision and objectives. Bali 9. The Australian duo are set to be executed next Monday or Tuesday, final thoughts? The rules are different for both countries, they knew what they were risking initially. Thus, if that is the verdict then I’m not one to judge. Avengers release. It’s a big few years for superhero movies, but Marvel or DC? DC all the way. ISIS teenagers. Why do you think many teenagers have been arrested in Australia and globally for ISIS involvement? Teenagers are always finding new ways to rebel, this is just another trend to do exactly that. Storm front. Does the wild weather continue to prove climate change needs serious addressing? The fact we ignored climate change in the last summit, I think someone needs to point out the obvious. It’s a huge issue, and needs … Continue reading Vox Pop – Deric Samji