People Boo Goodes For More Than Just Playing Style

If you ever wanted to find a story that polarises the bulk of Australia – jump on the bandwagon right here. The booing of Adam Goodes at AFL games this season has quite literally split people in opinion – many people claiming they have every right to boo, some calling the booing racist, some suggesting the man needs to ‘grow up’. This list of reasons continues to expand with each passing day. Goodes has clearly started to feel full effects of the ordeal, with the Brownlow winner being allowed to stand down from Sydney’s game against Adelaide this weekend. Having done plenty of reading of the myriads of articles published over the past week, scrolled through hundreds of comments on those articles, and actually chatting to a few people in person about the whole situation – there are some pretty fascinating insights. For me there are multiple reasons people boo Goodes – but ultimately it’s because the majority believe he doesn’t fit into the widely-expected ‘get on with it’ / ‘don’t be soft’ / ‘how dare you potentially not love Australia!’ attitude. I think it’s hard to put all eggs in one basket when it comes to racism – I think … Continue reading People Boo Goodes For More Than Just Playing Style