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Fun Fitness Things To Do Around Oz

Australia has one of the best climates in the world, hands-down. Why else do you think so many British people relocate here? It ain’t for our accents. With that climate comes a love of the outdoors and these fitness events make full use of them. Many events run year round and in cities across the country, catering to every fitness level and ability.

#1 Tough Mudder

The reigning champ of endurance events, Tough Mudder is a recognised institution in the fitness industry. The full 20km (heck, that’s a long way) obstacle course will test your strength, stamina and friendships. A unique part of Tough Mudder is that there are no winners or countdowns, it’s just you pushing yourself to get to the end without collapsing from an asthma attack. For the season legionnaires there is now ‘Australia’s Toughest Mudder’ which is an 8-hour obstacle course that takes place in the night. As if the regular event wasn’t tough enough.

#2 Cupid’s Undie Run

This charity fun-run is probably the easiest fitness event to do in Australia as it’s only 1.5km long. The only catch is, you gotta do it in your dacks (oh la la). It’s for a great cause though, as it raises money for Neurofibromatosis. So go on, buy that sexy pair of lingerie (or humourous mankini) and show it off by doing a run.

#3 Colour Run

Billed as ‘The Happiest 5km on the Planet” this is another run which is all about the atmosphere as opposed to the finish time. It is also probably the best run for that #insta pic due to all the varying colour. The only rules of the run are to arrive wearing white and leave plastered in colour. The run is also well known for its post-run parties which let’s you dance the night away. Not only will you have done your exercise for the day, but you’ll also have your fair share of potential new profile pics.

#4 OceanFit

“Our home is girt by sea”, we can debate why a word like girt is in our National Anthem but the meaning is clear, Australia is surrounded by water. What better event to participate in than an ocean swim? There are hundreds all over the country. OceanFit is your number one source of upcoming Ocean Swim events, with events on year-round. The largest of these events is the Cole Classic in February, which takes place between Shelly Beach and Manly in Sydney.

#5 Stadium Stomp

If you have bad knees look away now, because the stadium stomp will not be kind to them. What it does offer is a one of a kind fitness challenge held in some of the most iconic sporting stadiums in the country. Music is pumped throughout the stadium as you, alongside hundreds of others, run up and down the hundreds of stairs available. If you want to tone your ass and thighs then this is the challenge for you.

Image source: Touch Mudder, OceanFit and Colour Run

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