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Game Of Thrones Locations You Can Actually Visit

As fantasy characters and otherworldly adventures captivate TV audiences, you can’t be blamed for wanting to gallivant about across borders after a binge session. Game of Thrones thanks to the magic of CGI and an eye for extravagance makes exploring even more appealing. Although you may not be conquering lands or working your way across several kingdoms in pursuit of the throne, the beauty remains. From the hills of Northern Ireland to the dusty seaside of Malta, for the GOT afficiando this is the ultimate bucket list.

And since the Season 7  trailer, Cheapflights has seen a 10% spike in those locations. Nathan Graham, Regional Sales Manager at Cheapflights ANZ: “With season seven of Game of Thrones set to hit our screens in July, we anticipate there will be a surge in searches to European destinations. The recent release of the new trailer has already giving fans a taste of what’s to come, and with the announcement season eight will be the last, even more people will be inspired to re-live their favourite scenes by seeking out filming locations across Spain, Croatia, Iceland and Malta.”

Dark Hedges, North Ireland

The magic branch caved tunnel is exactly how it appears in the series. Wander beside the footsteps of Jon Snow himself in pursuit of your very own photo op.

House Tarly, Spain

Take yourself to the seat of House Tarly, or as it’s known in the real world Santa Florentina Castle just north of Barcelona. Lush surrounds and charming turrets make for a truly royal visit.

Kings Landing, Croatia

If you’re a real fan you would already be dying to wander the terracotta tapped city and imagine yourself in King’s Landing. Medieval charm and expansive views over the seaside make for your very own Cersei moment as you gaze over your kingdom. 

Dorne or Meereen, Spain

Now this location is nicknamed The City Of The Sea and for good reason. Peniscola, Valencia is a city perched on the seaside, making it the perfect location for Dorne or Meereen to come to life. After the new season we’ll be dying to go, how fitting.

City of Meereen, Croatia

Fancy yourself a Khaleesi groupie? Well venture on to where she freed the slaves and celebrate her victory. Rolling hills and cobbled pathways, you’ll feel truly transported.

Yunkai, Morocco

One of the less charming cities in the show, but in reality the dusty Moroccan city makes for an authentic visit. The aromas alone will win you over.

Kings Landing Gate, Malta

You may be shocked to find out not all of King’s Landing is in Croatia, instead it’s a piecemeal of idealistic locales. Take for instance the gate, it’s actually in Malta. The perfect excuse to go really.

Jon And Igritte’s Love Nest, Iceland

Iceland feels like a more foreign land than most, but this lover’s hideaway is particularly out of this world. Why not visit beyond the wall while you’re in town?

Water Palaces of Dorne, Spain

Ah Seville, the gardens of Alcazar are truly something else. Mesmerising maze work, greenery abound and a castle fit for a king. That’s why the lavish lovers of Dorne call it home in the show, obviously.

Winterfell, Scotland

The once home of Stark looks much more Season 1 in real life than the dark wintery home of evil in Season 6. No spoilers don’t worry. Reap the beauty of Doune Castle like a true Stark for a moment or two upon your visit.

Beyond The Wall, Iceland

The icy lashings and domain of killer white walkers, was shot in the spatial Iceland. Snow-capped and withering winds await any visitors, so you’ll feel like a real wandering wildling when you visit.

Old Town Of Braavos and Kings Landing, Catalonia

You can do your very own walk of shame along these streets if you so choose, or visit the peasantry of King’s Landing in all it’s glory. It’s certainly a lot more whimsical in real life, while in Barcelona why not venture out of town for a bit?

Dothraki Sea, Spain

The dust mountains that the Dothraki call home is actually found not so far from home in Spain. Bardenas Reales Natural Park is a stunner in it’s own right, but the added mystery of Game of Thrones puts it to the top of many bucket lists.

Slaver’s Bay, Morocco

Eduoura in Morocco, may look familiar to you from the early seasons. It played home to Miss Stormborn in the first steps of her journey to conquer the world. Not a slave in sight just history a plenty.

Arena of Meereen, Spain

Dragon master are you? Why not visit the theatre that played host to Khaleesi’s ambush and one too many slave fights. You’ll find this bullring by day in Seville but you can recognise it’s particular appeal for location scouts no doubt.

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