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Game Of Thrones Memes Are All We Have Left

Spoilers for Game of Thrones season 5 episode 8 ahead.

The Game of Thrones memes are out in full force, and thank god for that because right now all I can do is hysterically laugh-cry.

This week’s episode, The Bell, was received pretty poorly. It’s rated the second lowest of any GoT episode ever by fans on IMDB – but at least when there’s controversy and shitty writing, there’s always good memes that follow. Here are some mint Game of Thrones memes, handpicked just for you.

Varys Being Right

Varys was an OG, and so his death was pretty sad, especially his little moment with Tyrion. But – snitches get stitches (or a face full of fire from the mouth of an angry dragon).


Varys in his room after learning Jon’s true heritage from r/freefolk


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Daenarys Going Nuts

Definitely the hottest point for memes right now (pun intended), Dany going all crazy is not just destroyer of Kings Landing, but destroyer of any dignity this show has left.


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when the lannisters surrender but you still have 40 minutes to fill from r/freefolk

daenerys’s master plan to win the war! from r/freefolk


RIP The Hound. He died doing what he hated – being in any proximit



I had to from r/freefolk

Cersei walking past CleganeBowl. from r/freefolk

Cersei and Jamie

Game of Thrones really out here making us think Jaime was an interesting and dynamic character with heaps of personal growth, huh?

The Aftermath

*Rebel Wilson voice* Enough! Enough!!

*Me after season 8* from r/freefolk


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