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Game Of Thrones Poster Taunts Character Deaths And Nobody’s Happy

Waiting for Game Of Thrones is like waiting for winter to come. The marketing team of Game Of Thrones has also made it sure that us fans are prepared for the pain and suffering to come. Teasing several new posters, trailers and theories in the past few weeks, GOT devotees don’t know what to expect.

But the newest poster is throwing our hope for the future of our faves right into the trash.

The latest poster from Game Of Thrones‘ twitter account shows every important remaining character frozen Walt Disney style in what we can only assume is the war against The White Walkers. It’s causing social media mania, as GOT is so talented at doing. Fans and audiences of the show are rebelling against the twitter page and expressing their deepest concerns.

We think this poster might have some of us seeing things. Don’t make us cry about Endgame too.

We’re gonna need a drink or ten for the final season arriving April 14th… that’s right, just 10 more days.

Image Credit: @gameofthrones Twitter

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