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Game Of Thrones Season 8 Is Here. Here’s Every Stage Of Prepping For The Premiere

Well friends, after way too long, the wait is finally over. It’s officially Game of Thrones Day and Twitter is losing its mind. If you’re like me and at work, live streaming is not an option — you’re gonna have to wait a few more hours until you can get your fix.

If you’re feeling hyped to jump in your trackies, grab the popcorn and start watching, I’ve got a bunch of tweets that share that feeling. So buckle up and get ready to feel the zeal with strangers on the internet. Here’s every stage of getting ready to watch the premiere. Spoiler free, I promise.

Preparing yourself for the coming pain

But you still feel excited all day

When you’re on your lunch break talking about the premiere

Finally getting home and heading straight for the TV with snacks


And finally, when the opening credits start

Happy Game of Thrones Day my dudes!

Here’s to the show we all love to hate to love.


Image Source: HBO

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