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Tell Us How You De-Stress And We’ll Tell You Where Your Next Chill Vacay Spot Should Be

Honestly, choosing where to holiday is harder than it looks. It’s hard enough trying to balance your budget and find somewhere you can actually afford, but than a vacay that you like on top of that? It feels like a lot. Don’t worry though, we’ve done some of the work for you! Take our quiz and show us what stresses you out, and we’ll pick a holiday destination that guarantees the perf vibes for your personality. Whether your going away to just chill, or because you want that adventurous life, we’ll sort you out. Help us help you plan your next vacay!

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  • Your Fave Way To Recover From A Shitty Day Without Leaving Your House Is To:

    • Grab your fave book and make yourself a cuppa
    • Call up your friend and just rant about your day
    • Pull out the sketchbook, a story you’re writing, or some music your working on
    • Get into bed, put some earphones in, and just drown yourself in your fave tunes.
    • Eat some comfort food – the heavier, the better.
  • The Worst Job Ever Would Be If You Were:

    • Stuck in a job where you do mostly the same thing every day. As if you need any more routine in your life
    • Working somewhere that smothers your creativity and makes you want to run away and join Queer Eye
    • Cooped inside a drab office with that godawful and very loud air conditioning
    • Constantly outdoors and in the sun – please, you just want to live out your vampire dreams.
    • Running around doing a million things and not being able to keep up with WTF is going on
  • You’re Going To Brunch And You Order:

    • The classic smashed avo. It’s reliable and you know you’ll always be satisfied
    • Whatever is the most decadent. You just want carbs, something sweet, and maybe something deep fried.
    • Whatever looks the most like dessert
    • Shakshuka cause you’re all about that healthy-but-indulgent kinda eating
    • Something light and refreshing, like a fruit salad with yoghurt. And a juice.
  • You’ve Gotta Organise Your Birthday Bash. Do you:

    • Throw a beach party and get lit by the water
    • Plan a brunch with some close friends
    • Do something adventurous like quad-biking
    • Go clubbing – it’s all about the night life
    • Throw a themed house party
  • What’s Your Perf Date?

    • Hitting up the night markets for some quality street food
    • The classic dinner and a movie
    • Coffee and city stroll
    • Picnic at a lake or the beach
    • Hiking and then some tea afterwards
  • Which Of These Sounds Like The Best Place To Live?

    • Somewhere that’s on the beach
    • Somewhere with a beautiful view
    • A house that’s rich with cultural history
    • A cute cottage with a nice garden
    • An apartment in the heart of the CBD
  • You’re Super Stressed And You Just Need To Chill. You’ll Probs Just:

    • Go out with your mates and have a laugh to relax.
    • Cuddle with your bae and chuck on some Netflix.
    • Treat yourself to some boujee food.
    • Have a nap. Literally, you’re just gonna sleep it off.
    • Grab a fancy bathbomb, a glass of wine, and have a bath.
  • You Wanna Go On Holiday Because:

    • You’re looking to get more cultured.
    • You wanna relax and just get away from it all.
    • You wanna experience new things and explore the world.
    • You want to rediscover your passions
    • You’re just looking to chill out somewhere that’s a home away from home.

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