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Which Aladdin Character Are You Truly At Your Core? (Quiz)

The much anticipated live-action release of Aladdin is out this week folks, and personally I’m both excited and worried about what is to come. Will the Fresh Prince do Robin Williams justice? Will the songs be as fun and extra as the cartoons? How long will Aladdin ride Jasmine the Magic Carpet for? Key questions that need answering.

And with such nostalgic bliss on our doorstep, the real conundrum is trying to figure out which Aladdin character you truly have in your heart. Answer honestly, and no lamp rubbing thx.

Image Source: Disney

  • You have three wishes, what do you use the first one on?

    • Endless cash
    • End world hunger
    • Endless avo toast
    • The ability to find love
    • One million wishes
    • A never ending bender
    • The ability to actually communicate with people
  • You get a text from a friend asking where to go for dinner, what do you pick?

    • Street food vibes allways
    • The boujee-est place in the city
    • You just argue about the venue until you get anrgy
    • A bustling, busy, set of small bars
    • You don’t really mind, and just tell your friend to pick
    • You let your friend pick, then complain about letting them choose
    • You’re not hungry tbh.
  • It’s Friday night, you are a bit poor, and you get a text telling you to come out for a drink, what do you do?

    • You politely decline, because responsibility.
    • You go out, get hammered and end up stealing a light from the pub.
    • You have a few drinks, are the life of the party and smoke bomb.
    • You go out but just cause a tonne of drama.
    • You say no, but end up caving #FOMO.
    • You decline and just gossip with your bestie all night instead.
    • You drive and end up Ubering everyone home
  • It’s your birthday, what do you want the most as a gift from your friends?

    • The power of the Infinity Gauntlet
    • You’d love if they could all stop being annoying to you.
    • You just want their love and friendship.
    • Not much, just really want someone to rub your lamp.
    • A fun experience-based gift with your close mates all coming along.
    • A few laughs over some drinks if perfect.
    • To not be the deso driver for ONCE
  • Work/Uni has been a bit stressful, what do you do to relax?

    • Brunch vibes!
    • I never stop working tbh.
    • Netflix and chill with significant other.
    • You actually physically can never stop stressing about your life as a whole.
    • Get me out of the house, in nature.
    • Jump into the group chat and organise a big night out.
    • You go for a drive to just zen a bit
  • What’s your dream living situation?

    • I can’t wait to have a big mansion and just sit on my leather couch
    • I actually don’t mind living in a share house for some reason
    • A little, cute cottage in the country
    • I’ll honestly just take any type of owned house at this stage
    • Anywhere that my parents are not present
    • I’m not too fussed, roof over my head and basic things are fine
    • Wherever it is, it needs to have a bit of razzle dazzle
  • It’s date night, where do you take your significant other?

    • Cute little night markets.
    • A dark, emotive, expensive restaurant
    • A small theatre play or gig
    • Cook up a storm at home
    • You’re more of a match-maker than a date-goer
    • You’re more likely to third wheel a date than actually go on one
    • To a romantic lookout
    • A nice restaurant, that you’ll no doubt complain about later

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