Which Stranger Things Duo Are You And Your Bestie Most Like

The wonderful thing about Stranger Things 3 was the emergence of different duos in the show and the splitting up of the gang into different sections. There’s more than the original Mike/Will bestie dynamic now. We’ve got the Dustin and Steve bromance, Steve and Robin, Max and El, Mike and Lucas – there’s so many cute inter-group buddies coming out of this season, and we’re honestly living for these positive vibes.

The best part of the binge was definitely watching everyone interact in their groups – it’s great to have some wholesome along with the horror. (Ps. let us know how long it took/is going to take you to binge all of Season 3 below! Look it took me a week and I’m proud of that.)

How long did it take/will it take you to binge Stranger Things Season 3?

Every wondered what kind of besties you and your friends are? Take this quiz to see which Stranger Things duo you and your bestie are most like!

  • You just got dumped and you’re totes miserable. You call up your best friend and you guys:

    • Talk shit about your now-ex until you literally don’t even know why you dated them.
    • Meet at your place, watch chick flicks and cry.
    • Go out and get smashed to forget your woes.
    • Go out and immediately try and wingman you a rebound.
  • One of you just got into a relo. The other responds by:

    • Immediately pursuing someone so that you both can talk about your dates together.
    • Thirdwheeling TF out of your bestie bc they were yours FIRST and goddamn you are still gonna spend all your time with them.
    • Nothing, you’re chill. It’s fine. It’s literally not gonna affect your friendship.
    • Stalk this new person to hell’s end to determine if they’re right for your perfect bestie whom no one deserves, determine they aren’t good enough, and then keep dropping hints about what you’ll do to the newbie if they ever screw it up.
  • You guys play one of those games to see how much you know about the other. You score:

    • 100%. You guys share everything, so now you know everything about them.
    • Really fucking badly. Oops. Aaand now you owe them a pizza.
    • Like, 85%. You know eachother decently well just from experience, but the details are fuzzy.
    • Like, 50%. It’s not really important though because your love transcends numbers.
  • Your relo advice to each other is always:

    • “Dump them. You were always too good for them anyway.”
    • “Okay, you can fix this. Have you tried buying them food?”
    • “Uh, seduce them with your hot piece of ass. How could anyone stay mad at that smoulder?”
    • “Relax, it’s probs not even that bad. Let’s just go out and forget about it for a bit.”
  • Your affectionate pet names of choice are:

    • Babe.
    • Dumbass/Loser.
    • You don’t really nickname each other.
    • Bro/Fam/Dude but occasionally “My actual love/other-half”, depending on your affection levels.
  • One of you is in trouble and you’re worried. You:

    • Try to relax cause you know your bestie is very capable and could probably beat your ass so it’s fine. No one can mess with them.
    • Instantly and recklessly throw yourself into danger to save them because like, that’s your buddy and what is even the point of life if you aren’t together.
    • Sike. You’re both in trouble. Because you always fall into this shit together.
    • Sigh, make a cup of coffee and then ready yourself to deal with some dumbshit before going out to save your bestie’s ass.
  • You get off work early and have some chill time. You guys:

    • Head over home to hang out.
    • Go out to the movies or shops to kill some time.
    • Work on your newest/craziest idea for world domination.
    • Go TF to your own houses bc you literally do not need to spend every second of every day together omg. (But then end up probably seeing eachother anyway because you’re weak).

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