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Gelato Messina Are Offering Gelato Roses for the Most Extra Valentine’s Day Gift

What do you think of Valentine’s Day? Nothing more than a shameless pedalling of manufactured love? A legitimate and treasured day of appreciation for your partner? Whatever your thoughts are, and whatever your stance, I’m sure we can all agree with one thing. Messina gelato is a treat that we all deserve.

In keeping with cheesy proclamations of love, everyone’s favourite gelato joint have come up with the ultimate Valentine’s Day treat. The best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, right?

Dubbed ‘Feeling Thorny’ (ha) you can now order a decadent edible rose for your special person. The petals are hand-piped into a cone and made with salted caramel chantilly, laced with strawberry compote and the crowd-favourite dulche de leche. If that wasn’t extra enough, moreover the whole ensemble is set into a ‘flower pot’: a chocolate-hazelnut praline mouse and chocolate brownie crumble. Yum. 

The rose will cost $40, which, sure, is maybe a little extreme for a dessert. But it’s less than a dozen roses will cost you, and you’re sure of a hell lot more likely to enjoy a Messina treat than staring at a bouquet. It’s something that the two of you can enjoy together. And above all, that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about, right?

Feeling Thorny is available for pickup only Feb 13 and 14 at Rosebery, Darlinghurst, Tramsheds, Bondi, Parramatta, Miranda and Perth.

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