Gen Z Are Scorching Millennials On TikTok With Painfully Accurate Burns About Avos & Hogwarts

Glad I live with my parents so I can cry to mum about the TikTok bullies.

Gen Z’s were bound to get sick of us soon. With more ‘cool’ Millennials (read: 25 year olds stuck in their 21st year) discovering TikTok and taking time out of their ‘busy’ schedules to learn the dances and upload dodgy lip syncing. But I didn’t think the kids would be this brutal.

Clearly, there’s an ever-growing gap between the two youngest generations. And it’s more apparent if you spend five minutes on any social media (especially TikTok) and watch Millennials desperately cling to today’s kids’ trends.

Twitter user @local_celeb decided to share what the youths are saying about Millennials on TikTok and, suffice to say, it’s pretty savage.

For those of you who haven’t yet had your “Millennials are killing [X]” fix for the day, brace yourselves.

Gen Z have taken a very specific aim – as if we weren’t already beaten on by every other generation. Now we’ve got to deal with the younger ones. As if adulting wasn’t hard enough already.

They’ve taken aim at millennials saying “doggo”, to our obsession with Hogwarts, “avocado toast”, posting “cringey 90s kid memes”, and relying on Buzzfeed quizzes to pick our favourite wine (apparently, mine’s a Pinot Grigio). Ouch.

“We get it you[‘re] a 90s kid,” one wrote.

“What about the ones that name their kids after video games,” another commented.

[at least they didn’t go for Twilight].

Their insults became progressively sharper, hitting at our need to be in a Hogwarts House and our desperate living situations.

“they’re worried about their Harry Potter house but they live in a 1 bedroom apartment … y’all worried about the wrong houses 👀”

The audacity.

As the post made its rounds on Twitter, it became clear that there were two kinds of millennials – some took offence to the comments, getting weirdly defensive about why Gen Z are so petty. But the others, the majority, just love watching the kids perfect the art of online roasts (that we created) and really don’t give a shit because they’re the ones who are gonna live in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Sad, but true.


You’ve got to hand it to them, they did lay down some seriously good burns. I low-key love that a whole demographic can be captured in a few stereotypes – even if it’s a little reductive.

You do you, Gen Z, you little anarchists.

Image Source: Twitter (@local_celeb, @ari_chan2606)

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