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Gender Divide Strikes Again As Survey Shows Men Spend Almost Double On Valentines Gifts

As many a conversation sparks about gender equality (and inequality), the gap becomes notable, and it doesn’t get any more prominent than at this time of year: Valentines. A holiday which, according to the same study, 60% of couples celebrate, compared to 40% that pass the day by like any other.

Whether you’re spending the day with your special someone, or you’ve previously had the luck (or not, you may say) to spent the day of love with an S/O, then you may have experienced this apparent gender gap. A study by Picodi has shown that on average, men spend more than women on Valentine’s day. The average Aussie man will spend $104 whereas his girlfriend will spend approximately $80. That’s a huge gap if you ask me. But why should this be the norm, and do men feel obliged to purchase extravagant gifts for their partner in order to keep them happy? They definitely shouldn’t by the way, in case you were wondering.

As people campaign for equal pay rates and so much more, shouldn’t it only be fair that women pick up the slack and prevent their partners from spending almost double on presents this V-day? Of course, everyone wants to receive a present but it’s likely that a lot of us get reeled into the commericalism of the big day. The survey showed that 33% of women and 37% of men would rather spend quality time with their partners than receive gifts such as toys, flowers and chocolates and on average, 48% of people would like a combination of both.

So what do we know, folks? Treat that special someone to a cute picnic, a trip to the zoo or even a cooked meal. Trust me, they’ll probably appreciate the effort you’ve spent to spend time with them more than some wilting roses and heavily overpriced chocolates. Better yet, decide on a price guide for your presents if you’re determined to give them, much like Secret Santa, so you’re not competing for Best Gift Giver nor disappointed when all you get is a measly card.

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