Gender Reforms Begin: Tassie Parliament Passes Landmark Gender Law

In a surprising and progressive move by our fellow Tassie devils, the state Parliament of Tasmania has passed legislation today that renders gender “optional” on birth certificates. In addition to the new law, legislation also passed allowing individuals 16 years and older to legally change their registered gender without parental consent.

The landmark legislation was the result of some heated debate but despite a few hurdles along the way, the crew looked pretty stoked with the outcome.

Tassie is the first Aussie jurisdiction to pass such a law. It’s come as a result of a lengthy process, having been the subject of a year-long debate that finally ended in the Lower House today. Sources within the House, transgender advocates and Greens MPs were revelling in triumph following the victory.

A representative of Transgender Tasmania told the ABC that whilst the legislation is a sure victory, there’s a long road ahead for minorities such as the transgender community across the nation.

“That all this will do is make a positive difference to the lives of young trans and gender-diverse people.”

“It’s been something that’s taken so long and it’s been such a struggle over the past 12 months, with the Government not at all supporting us, but we’ve got there.”

Good on ya Tassie, you may be small but by gosh you’re setting an example.

Image Source: @alliehumphries, @abchobart, @emlybkr. 

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