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Get Excited, Because Season 2 Of Sex Education Just Got Announced

All the 80s nostalgia you need


Ah, Sex Education. Hilarious, witty, heart-warming and gross, there’s no wonder why it got so popular. With it’s 80s nostalgia and diverse, loveable characters, we’re all super invested – especially because of that ending.

I don’t care whether you’re team Maeve or Ola – the classic teen romance trope of realising you like someone just as they move on has me frothing at the mouth, and I need more.

If you, like me, absolutely cannot stand cliff-hangers and need to know everything all the time, then I have some good news: Netflix has given us Sex Education season 2’s release date, and it’s Friday 17 January!

Wait, I Need A Recap For Season 1

Okay, basically, adorably awkward Otis becomes a sex therapist at his school because of his intuitive sex advice, and business partner baddie Maeve deals with anyone not following through with their deas. Otis has feels for Maeve, who has a shitty boyfriend, and by the time she dumps him and realises she’s into Otis, he moves on with Ola.

On the other side, Eric and Adam end up having feels for each other and hooking up, but then Adam gets sent to military school and they get separated.

What’s Sex Education Season 2 Going To Be About?

Otis is going to have to figure out how to deal with all his new sexual feelings in order to make it work with Ola, and it’s going to strain his relo with Maeve. Oh, and Ola becomes friends with Lily. Which, by the way, was unexpected but sounds cute?

Maeve is obvs upset about Otis moving to someone else, and her best-friendship with Aimee gets stronger than ever.

Meanwhile, Eric starts to get newfound attention because of his confidence, and Adam struggles to cope with his feelings for Eric now that they’re separated by different schools.

With the hilarity of banana-blowjobs and the sweetness of unexpected relationships and intimacy, Sex Education is actually a really feel-good watch. We’re keen for more sex-therapy shenanigans, so mark it in your calendar! 17 January, the binge begins!

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