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STRUTH! The Legends At VB Are Shouting ‘Ya Next Tattoo, Because Well, ’Straya

Yep, you read that right. Our best buddies have struck gold yet again. Following the launch of their clothing line, the legends are now giving you the chance to get inked for free.

Alexandria tattoo studio Hunter and Fox is on-board to ink up our most loyal fans with the brand-new VB logo for
one day next month. Thousands of hard-working Aussies (AKA you legends) already have the famous white, green and red logo inked on them. That’s commitment if ever I’ve seen it.


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Straight edge boy tattoos an alcoholic beverage. Had a lot of fun with this one. Thanks Jeru for being a champ! Mind the wrap and glare. Bookings: [email protected] Done at Lakeside Tattoos (@lakesidetattoos).

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But VB recently made some minor tweaks to the logo, including dropping the gold trim, to give it a refresh.
They’ve also made some changes to the packaging, including a more dramatic print of the logo on the can. This means some of you (dedicated) fans are now rocking out-of-date tattoos.

Will anyone at the pub notice ‘ya tattoo is no longer cutting edge? Almost certainly not. But is this a chance to show VB lovers we appreciate the love? Absolutely. With people frequently posting their VB tattoos on social media, VB’s Senior Marketing and Sponsorship Manager Hugh Jellie said helping died-in-the-wool fans upgrade their tatts is the right thing to do.

“We know there are thousands of people out there that have VB tatts,” said Hugh. “Very few brands inspire the kind of loyalty it takes to get it tattoed on your body. We’re proud of the enormous impact we continue to have on Aussie culture and feel a responsibility to help ensure out most loyal fans get a chance to keep their VB tatts up-to-date.”


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VB fans can enter the competition for the free ink upgrade by letting VB know what their new VB tatt would look like and why. People with the best proposed designs and stories will be chosen to have their new tatts inked at Hunter and Fox on Friday 9 November 2018, right in time for knock-off drinks. Plus, interstate winners will be flown in to Sydney. All entries should be submitted here before 5pm, 6 November 2018.

While the logo has undergone a slight tweak, there will be no change to the beer’s recipe or the sizes it is sold in. “All branding evolves over time and this is the latest version of our iconic logo. It is still the same Big Cold Beer with the same great taste.”

For more information and inspiration, check it all out here.

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