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Why You Should Get Involved In A Team Sport

Surely most of us are no strangers to team sports. You know…that thing you used to wake up for early on Saturday morning? Whether you were the star of the team or more of a support member, I’m sure you have some fond memories of team bonding and orange slices from your days out on the field or court. Unfortunately, as we get older, team sport tends to flea from our lives like our carefree school days. However, what we tend to forget the pure joy and feeling of satisfaction we get from playing sports like netball or footy. So rather than sitting on the sideline, here are a few reasons why you should sign up next season.

#1 A Fun Source Of Exercise

The rush of the everyday often leaves us feeling unmotivated and sluggish. Our dreams of hitting the gym are crushed by exhaustion and a lack of work life balance. However, investing your well saved bucks into a team sport means you have to attend. More so you can’t let the rest of the team down. Sports like soccer will get your cardio up in no time, and the pure exhilaration and competition won’t leave you thinking you’re working out.

#2 You Can Make Some New Mates

I speak from personal experience, in that team sports will open a doorway to a whole world of new friends. A mate of mine convinced me to start playing netball again in a team of girls I had never met. We now always catch up for drinks and coffee, and playing sport together has created a bond between us that it sure fired unbreakable.

#3 A Stress Reliever

Getting involved in team sport will mean you have a weekly outlet where you know you can leave the house and think about nothing but the game ahead of you. For one to two hours you can focus on the try line, the goal posts and challenging the opposing team. Plus sport is a great way of letting out some of the tension and stress you carry around from work and uni.

#4 It’s Pretty Flexible

The older you get, the more flexible team sport competitions become. If you’re protective over your weekends off, there are plenty of team sports that you can play on a weeknight. Summer comps in Basketball and Indoor soccer are perfect, and you can easily slot them in with your busy schedule.

#5 It’s Suited For All Skill Levels

the beauty of team sports is that you don’t have to be an A Grade player to get involved. Most competitions will have divisions based on the pverall skill level of your team. So whether you’re super competitive and in it to win it, or more keen on the social aspect, there’s something out there for you. So what are you waiting for? Get to it.

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