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How To Get A Rental Without Receiving An AVO From Your Real Estate Agent

The clock has just struck ten, your palms are clammy as you look at the several people lined up ahead of you. ‘Perfect hair’.. ‘button-up shirts’.. everyone looks so good. You turn to your friend and begin to re-think this whole endeavour. Sure, even if you’re let in, it doesn’t mean you’re going to get that one, golden ticket. No, you’re not at a club, it’s 10am and this is your third inspection of the day. Saturday’s are no longer days of frivolous leisure, they are days of extreme tests of endurance, highly caffeinated beverages, measuring tapes and shmoosing with real estate agents.

But fear not, we’ve all been a survivor of Saturday house inspections and we’re here to offer some handy hints which will help you get through it.

#1 Apply Yourself – Literally

It’s very important to have contacted the agent of your prospective new home before inspecting it. Tell them a little about yourself and request an online application. This way, if you love the property after viewing it, you can approach the agent upon leaving and inform them that you’ve already applied and are very interested. Real Estate agents are very busy people. Making their job a little easier for them can only ever be a good thing. Apply beforehand and (if you want to go all out) have a printed out document of your application and contact details. This will allow them to leave the viewing with something to remind them of you, that’s both helpful and relevant.

#2 Dress To Impress

No, don’t wear a three piece suit. But do dress in clothes that say, ‘I pay my rent on time, am house-proud and don’t throw large disco raves in the basement’. Which basically translates as, wear sensible, simple clothes. Easy right?

#3 Don’t Let Yourself Be Intimidated

Just because the couple in front of you wearing matching power suits and coddling a two month old look like serious competition, doesn’t mean they are. You never know what the owner has preference of in their house. Some owners tend to prioritise rental history, others, your weekly salary. Just because you’re in your 20s doesn’t mean you’re out of the running. Often owners like that you’re full time students or workers, as it shows how independent and organised you are. So be confident, you’ve got this.

#4 Call, Call, Email And Call

So we’re not talking harassment level follow-ups, but we definitely recommend making yourself known. After viewing the house, send a follow up email to the agent thanking them for the opening and reminding them of your eagerness. The next day, perhaps call them again reassuring the same thing. Additionally, you can make known any details that might make your application stand out. This could include willingness to move straight in, ability to pay a deposit that day if necessary, ect. Making yourself known in a pragmatic way will help your application stand out amongst the competition and hopefully push it over the edge.

#5 Patience Is Key

Dealing with rejection is a big part of house hunting. But, you must remember not to take it too personally. Sometimes upon rejection, it can be helpful to contact the agent and ask what your application was lacking, or for advice on how to make it stronger for next time. It might sound like a cliche, but if you don’t get your dream property then don’t stress, because it wasn’t meant to be. There’s another dream property out there waiting just for you.

Ok, so you’re armed and ready with the tools needed to push your application over the edge. The rest lies with you. Think of it this way, the more houses you inspect, the more inspo you gather for decorating (and K-marting) your own home.

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