Take One For The Team And Get Your Gang Some Fyre Documentary Merch

In case you somehow haven’t seen the explosive Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix, let’s recap the important points.

  • Billy Macfarlane is a sociopath.
  • Many, many people knew that this would be a dumpster fire, but didn’t really put the steps in to stop it.
  • Ja Rule is… weird.
  • You’re not a true friend unless you take one for the team and get prepared to give a gobby for some fresh water.

Introducing Andy King: Macfarlane’s mentor and all-round #1 friend. He’s been forever cemented on the internet as the man who did the most for the good of the doomed Fyre festival. He’s aware of his status as a meme, (or mee-mee, as he says, like any good middle aged man). The guy couldn’t be happier with the positive response.

The documentary gave us the gift of Andy King. And now you can buy a friend the true gift of an Andy King sweatshirt.

It’s a weird and wonderful world, folks. Is this necessary? Probably not. Is it hilarious? Absolutely. The fact that the sweatshirt is called ‘team player’ is truly the icing on the metaphorical cake.

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