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Get Your Hygge On: How To Achieve The Ultimate Cozy Factor In Your Home

As sad as it may be, winter is just around the corner. Gone are the carefree days at the beach, and in come blankets, hot drinks and cuffing season. But with the incoming colder months comes a new opportunity to create the warmest snuggliest vibe in your home. This, my friends, is where hygge can come into your life.

Hygge (pronounced huu-guh) is a Danish word which basically translates to creating the mood of coziness. It’s about turning your space into a place that evokes a feeling, rather than a decor style. Autumn and Winter are the perfect seasons to get your hygge on and start feeling cozy, comfortable, and content.

There are six basic principles of hygge that all aim to create peace of mind and contentment.

1. Soft Lighting

Think candles, warm toned lamps, fairy lights etc. Anything that is dim and yellow toned is perfect. You’re aiming to create a space that feels like it’s lit by firelight as much as possible. Keeping the light low and warm will instantly create a feeling of calmness and amp up the cozy factor.

2. Cozy Furnishings

If it’s not soft and fluffy, it’s not hygge. Now is your chance to buy all the throw pillows from Kmart and kit out your lounge. Make sure there’s always plenty of soft throws within arms reach to burrito yourself in. And if you’ve got bare floors, buy that cute rug you’ve had in your shopping kart forever and throw that down.

3. Warm Drinks

Is there anything quite like coming in from the cold and immediately having a warm drink? That feeling of warmth spreading from the inside out is everything. Stock up on some good mugs that are comfortable to hold so you can curl up and cradle that baby. Keep the kettle hot at all times.

4. Soft Clothes


Hygge is all about anti jeans and heels, and creating the most comfortable outfits you can. Stock up on knitted jumpers, fluffy trackies, thick socks, and toasty slippers. If you’re not drowning in soft wooly fabric and warmer than you can handle, you’re not doing it right.

5. Friends and Family

Part of hygge is being present and spending time with your nearest and dearest. Create a warm and inviting space, set the table and cook a meal for your pals. For extra coziness, eat fresh cake and play boardgames after dinner. Settle in for some old school, tech free fun.

6. Switch Off


Take this opportunity to practice tuning out. Turn off your phone, leave the remote alone and crack open a book. Play some music in the background and settle in with a cup of tea and just breathe. Creating a space of total calm means tuning out from the noise of reality TV. This will also set you up for the best nights sleep of your life.

Hygge can also be implemented in more everyday applications to create a whole life hygge. The beauty of it though, is it can be exactly as all encompassing or simple as you want. I guess you could say its whatever you’re most comfortable with.

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