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Giddy Up! McLeod’s Daughters Is Coming Back For A Reunion This Year

Yee – and I cannot emphasise this enough – HAW

Buckle up, folks, we’re taking a trip down memory lane.

McLeod’s Daughters, Australia’s most popular and successful rural drama – and the home of one of the best intro tracks ever – is making a comeback for a one-night-only live event. And it’s just in time for Christmas.

Your fave Australian country bumpkins will be coming together in Lismore City Hall on Thursday, December 5 for the ‘McLeod’s Daughter’s Bush Christmas Reunion‘. I genuinely can’t contain my excitement.

It’ll be a big ol’ reunion special, with major cast members Bridie Carter (Tess McLeod), Lisa Chappell (Claire McLeod), Simmone Jade McKinnon (Stevie Hall), Aaron Jeffery (Alex Ryan 😍), Myles Pollard (Nick Ryan 😍), and Zoe Naylor (Regan). Holy moly.


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Appearing on the Today Show, Carter, Chappell, and Jeffery said the cast will be live on stage for a four-and-a-half hour show. They’ll be watching scenes with the audience and answering their questions, and sharing personal anecdotes and never-before seen footage from the set.

“There’s this massive following that we all kind of say is bigger than us, so we wanted to give back to our fans,” Carter said.

At the event, there’ll be limited-edition McLeod’s Daughter’s merchandise, and an all-day bar and ‘pop-up diner’ prepared by the locally renowned ‘Secret Chef’. Fans will also be able to purchase VIP tickets for a backstage tour or an intimate Golden Supper with the cast.

And it seems like this might be as a close as we’re going to get to a reboot of the show that defined Australian TV for its eight-season run between 2001 and 2009. Although there were, reportedly, talks between Channel Nine and co-creator Posie Graeme-Evans in July 2017, “creative differences” meant the plans were scrapped months later

You can buy tickets to the Bush Christmas Reunion here, so save up your dosh and head on over to Lismore.

Saddle up, ladies, we ride at dawn.

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