Gifts To Give Your Mum Or Dad That Are Defs Better Than Perfume Or Socks

Why is it so hard to think of present ideas that aren’t basic?

Finding the perfect gifts for the peeps who raised you is a yearly challenge we all face. Will they like it/use it or will it end up at the back of the cupboard gathering dust? Or, god help our souls, will it be re-gifted to some random family friend?

Lucky for you Christmas elves, we’ve teamed up with Event Cinemas to put together a list of fab prezzie ideas that Mum and Dad will love and actually use.

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A Tesalate Beach Towel


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This is no ordinary towel. Tesalate has managed to craft the perfect towel for hitting the beach – it’s super absorbent, dries really quick, and best of all the sand won’t stick to it at all. That’s right – these geniuses have somehow managed to craft a sand-repellent towel. Your parents’ summer just got a major upgrade for only $79.

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An Event Cinemas Gift Card

2020 is shaping up to be a bumper year for blockbusters and artsy films alike, so give your parents gifts that can be used for a cute little movie date. Event Cinemas have a tonne of options to choose from too, depending on how bougie you want to get with the rents:

Christmas Gift Card: Starting at $25 and going all the way up to $200, you can easily chop and change this to fit your “how poor am I this year” budget. And beautifully, you can use it both on movie tickets or snack bar munchies. Love.

Gold Class Gift Card: If ya feel like splurging a ‘lil more to treat Mum or Dad, this is a fab option. Honestly, having been to GC myself, I’d recommend at least grabbing the $50 card, for the ultimate lux Gold Class experience. We’re talking drinks and chef-prepared food available for you to enjoy in fully reclining seats and in-seat service.

Christmas Gold Class Ultimate ePackage: And look, if you got some new, amazing job, that means you suddenly have cash in the bank – go all out. The Ultimate Gold Class Experience comes in at $159, which is only really $80 per parent (quick maths). It includes two admissions to Gold Class, a complimentary drink and five dishes from the Gold Class Menu (!!). Hello favourite child.

The best part is you can choose to purchase all of the above as an eGift – so if you’re feeling super lazy or pressed for time, you can do buy it from anywhere!

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A Sol Glass Reusable Cup


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Reusable takeaway cups are all the rage rn which is great considering how many disposable coffee cups end up in landfill. Sol has four different sizes in a variety of colours to choose from, starting at 18 bucks for the baby piccolos, up to $35 for their mega coffee/smoothie size (just in case Mum’s had a BIG year).

The cups are completely plastic free, made out of handblown glass with silicon sleeves and lids (so good). These babies are tried and tested by yours truly and are perf for anything from hot coffee or cold fruit smoothies, so get moving.

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A Bottle Of Booze That’s A Lil Bit Fancy

For Dad 

Forget your run of the mill spirits, this whisky will knock Dad’s socks off. This Chivas XV comes in limited gold edition just in time for Chrissy. For $90, you can score ya papa this 15 year old gem from Liquorland or Dan Murphy’s.

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For Mum 

It’s hard to go past Veuve Clicquot when it comes down to treating Mum to something a bit spesh at Christmas. To make it extra special, you can now get an engraved messaged on the bottle (up to 45 characters) to savour this cute lil gift after she’s enjoyed the contents. For $89 it’s a lil bougie too.

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A Glasshouse Diffuser


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You might think candles are a bit of a cop out present, but Glasshouse is in a league of its own when it comes to yummy smelling things. They’ve dropped a Night Before Christmas fragrance that combines all the best Chrissy smells to get you in that holiday spirit.

A diffuser is a nice gentle way to make any room smell good without having to keep an eye on a naked flame. Your parents will lurrv it, and at around 50 dollarydoos, so will you.

Check out all of the Glasshouse Xmas range here

This article has been sponsored by Event Cinemas, and boy do they have some seriously good Christmas gifts for both parents and friends alike this festive season. As an independent online publisher, we rely on partnerships to keep our ‘lil website completely free and accessible for everyone. 

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