Glee Star Lea Michelle Loses HelloFresh Partnership, Is Getting DRAGGED By Co-Stars For Making Life A ‘Living Hell’ On Set


Lea Michelle is not having a good week, and has had her promotional partnership with food brand HelloFresh torn up after accusations of on-set discrimination. And if these accusations are true, as they certainly appear to be, long may it continue.

It all boiled over when former Glee co-star, Sammie Ware, tweeted that Michelle made her life a ‘living hell’ on set. The powerful statement came initially after Michelle posted a #BlackLivesMatter tweet on May 30th – and boy did Sammie give it to her.

I’d be lying if I said I was completely surprised by this piping hot tea. Because I always wondered why I never saw Lea Michelle in those Glee reunion get-togethers and photos. I thought maybe she was a bit of an arrogant lead-actress type, you know the whole “I’m a bit too good for your wholesome catch ups” vibe. And she now looks to be much worse than that.

And after some sneaky Twitter users brought up the actress’s partnership with the food brand, the company was quick to avoid an utter social media disaster. Saying they had cut ties with Michelle, effective immediately.

And not unlike recent bad PR for Elle DeGeneres, once you open that can of worms – you’re open to a Twitter mauling. And so the stories came, the frustrations were aired, as tonnes of others went full destruction on the Glee poster-girl.

And when you really start to dig into some of the old Glee moments from the OG times, and think about Rachel Berry as a character – Lea Michelle doesn’t really seem to be that different by the looks of it.

We already know that we live in a world where if you do dumb shit, you’ll get called out for it. Especially if you’re a hypocrite as it looks like Michelle was here.

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