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Gogglebox Is Casting, And These Are The Couch Spuds We Really Want To See

Whip out your comfiest loungewear and assemble yourselves on the couch because ‘Gogglebox’ is casting for its next season.

That right, if you want a shot at sharing your fascinating ruminations about ‘The Bachelor’ or ‘The Block’ or love a good cry over ‘Australian Story’, now is your time to shine.


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Can you see yourself joining the couch critics on Gogglebox in 2020? ? Apply now at ?

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Edemol Shine put out the call for households of different ages, backgrounds and make up from Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast or Melbourne. And you’ve got to be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident.

Easy as.

All you need to do is fill out this application form, divulging your television-viewing habits and deepest darkest secrets. You’ll also need to submit a few photos of you and your fellow couch critic, and the spot where you do all of your analysis chillaxing. Don’t forget a two to four-minute video and two photos of your humble abode so producers can get the vibe of your place (and to see if you’re actually a fit for the show).

All of this casting talk’s got me thinking about the kind of people the show has had, those who might be making toom on the couch, and those to come. And I realised, there are a few people Gogglebox need to put at centre-cushion-stage.

Uni Housemates

Yes, they have Adam and Symon who are former roomies and uni mates, but that doesn’t count.

I’m talking classic sharehouse. At least two housemates, maybe four (however your house comes). With Arts students spitting critical discourse, engineers and scientists serving bulk formulas, law students with razor-sharp wit (and under-eye bags). Not to mention empathetic nurses and teachers, and theatre students, psychologists, health science folk, even mature-age students. I want them all. Under one roof.

Let’s see some diverse and intelligent conversations. But let’s also hear about uni shenanigans. And about how the grocery bill gets divvied up. But mostly, I want to see essays being frantically typed on the due-date while watching trashy reality TV. Because that’s how we all do it.

Where Are Our Indigenous Reps?

No, not tokenistic representation. But, seriously, where are they?

I can’t believe we’ve been going for ten seasons and we’re yet to bring on an Indigenous person. Genuinely shocked, and genuinely unsur what else to say. How have we not had a single Indigenous person (let alone couple or family) on the show?

Don’t tell me there aren’t applicants, because I’m almost certain there would be. If not, Indigenous brothers and sisters, get your mates, your boyfriends, girlfriends, your whole family, bring in your aunts and uncles, grandparents and everyone in between. Send in your applications!

A Bi-Racial Couple (And Bi-Racial Family)

On that note, we are bound to be due for a bi-racial couple that’s funny enough to make the cut. I know they’re out there.

More Colours Of The Rainbow

We’ve been delivered the gift that is Wayne and Tom. And when they left the couch, Tim graced our scrseen. But there’s plenty more rainbow where that came from.

It’s about time we saw another LGBTQ+ couple (or person) on the couch. And something we haven’t seen represented often. I’ll take a lesbian couple, or a transgender person, a bisexual person, or a genderqueer person.

And although it may seem insignificant, it’s the fact that this show is a pop culture phenomenon watched by millions that makes it a big deal. If more of these people are reprsented on the small screens, more of the right conversations will be made. We’ll be able to get used to their pronouns, normalise their identities, not to mention being a fresh perspective to the show.

Migrants Or Immigrants (Especially From Africa)

Hold your horses, don’t jump on me yet.

I know Africa is a bloody big continent. But do you know what else I know? We don’t see enough people from all over that content represented on TV.

Whether they’re from Morrocco or South Africa, Nigeria or Sudan, Ghana or Zimbabwe they are nowhere to be seen in Australian popular culture. The only time we see them is when ACA starts shouting about gangs.

And if we can’t get an African family, I will happily take any demographic of migrant (or immigrant) family. I know we have some POC representation in Tim and Leanne, the Depelchitra family, Anastasia and Faye, and with Jad, Sarah Marie and Matty; but they certainly aren’t all the non-white faces you will find in a cross-section of the population.

I know for a fact we all share one thing in common: daggy dads.

Extra: Bring Back The Girls, And More Dogs

We can’t get Angie and Yvie back, but we sure can try. Tbh, I just want to see their adorable foster dogs back on the screens. Or maybe cats this time?

Let’s see what the next batch of entrants bring to the table.

Good luck, fellow spuds.

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