The GOT Season 8 Teaser Just Aired And All We Can Say Is ‘Are You Serious’?!

Game of Thrones trailer was aired! It’s not what you think! Yes, we’re confused too!

Here’s the lowdown:

They said it would be another highly anticipated teaser to season 8 which is set to officially grace our screens on April 14. But it’s actually not. Basically HBO just hijacked US beer company Bud Light’s screen time to offer us a weirdly fused, two-company advertisement. Take a look and you’ll get what we mean:


But who is Bud Light Knight and why did they kill him off literally 1 minute into the vid!? Savages!

It was obvs met with many, many reviews which for the most part indicated that GOT fans right now are revelling in their shared disappointment. The commercial really doesn’t give us anything and we’re all very angry, feeling totally cheated.

By the time April 14 rolls around GOT fans will only just be recovering from the ultimate tease of the year. Until then, RIP Bud Light Knight. You fought nobly.

Image Source: Game of Thrones Youtube, GIPHY, @john.wildermuth Twitter, @tomascarreiraa Twitter, @Smiling Clarke Twitter

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