Government Just Voted To Repeal The Medevac Bill Because Refugees Don’t Matter I Guess?

Honestly it’s disgusting.

Am I surprised that our government is so lacking in basic empathy and compassion that they voted to repeal a law created specifically to help sick refugees? Unfortunately not.

The medevac bill (short for medical evacuation) was created to help the many refugees we have locked up in offshore detention that need urgent medical care. Which was only recently passed through, by the way. But now, they’re actively blocking vulnerable unwell people from receiving medical aid.

From malnourishment, to disease, to injuries and burns and attempted suicides, the asylum seekers trapped in offshore detention are suffering. How the medevac bill works is that when two doctors approve that a refugee is in need of medical treatment, it goes to the minister who has a couple of days to approve or deny the transfer. Now, they’re trying to change it so asylum seekers can’t access medical care anymore. Why? I don’t know. There is not a single reasonable argument. It’s a human right. Repealing the bill is scary and dangerous, but it still needs to pass the Senate, so for now hope is not completely lost. Although my faith in this government is dwindling.

Manus and Nauru are Australia’s own horrid concentration camps, and there’s already heaps of accounts of the brutality that goes on there. The suicide rate of detainees just keeps climbing, and for some reason our government is intent to hold onto them.

Jacinda Ardern, Queen of Australasia, offered to take some of our detained asylum seekers and give them a home in New Zealand. And old mate Peter Dutton rejected it. Why? Because “it’s not the right time” apparently.

Even the Papua New Guinea PM is asking when TF Australia is going to actually process the refugees locked up there – because there’s still over 200 detained with no freedom in sight.

“We sympathise with them. We want this trouble to come to an end, for them to find a place to go to,” he said.

And honestly, we don’t even know half of what the fuck goes on there. The gov has a media ban on Manus and Nauru (democracy, who?) and also deports anyone trying to get in and see what’s going on – like Nick Mckim.

“What we are seeing is the result of six long years of an extremely punitive and cruel policy in which the Australian Government has deliberately and consistently denied refugees essential and critical medical care.” – Katie Robertson, legal director at the Human Rights Law Centre. 

This comes as an even bigger blow when just last week, Australia had thousands of people protesting all over the country against the cruelty of offshore detention centres. The outrage is real, and people are letting it be known.

Image Sources: Twitter @RACSaustralia, @Kon__K.

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