Grab Ya Hand Towels: Sydney Fish Market’s Having A Legendary 36-Hour Seafood Marathon

Drop all your Chrissy Eve plans, Sydney Fish Market in Pyrmont is back with the annual 36 hour seafood marathon. There’s no holding back on eating, and no restrictions to the amount of oysters you can digest. Along with an expected 100,000 others joining you, there’s no guilt to be felt.

The marathon kicks off at 5AM on December 23rd through to 5PM on the 24th. You can head down to get yourself the Christmas feast essentials fresh AF for 36 hours.

It’s not just stopping at seafood either. The market’s butchers will be selling your Xmas turkeys and hams and the deli will be selling a selection of olives and cheeses. You can grab your fave bottle of wine too. There’s a bakery and grocer onsite as well for your Xmas lunch needs.

Get your shopping done earlier in the day, or kick back at night with champers and oysters. An extra large range of seafood is sourced from all over Aus to give you the freshest and best quality ingredients.

Entry is totally free and you may catch a sneaky glimpse of Santa who will be making a special appearance.

For more info, visit the Sydney Fish Market website.

Image Credit:@adriensala, @sweeticecreamwedding, @kenwood123

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