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Group Halloween Costumes That Only Require Like 3% Effort

It’s the morning of that Halloween party you and your mates were invited to. You never really got around to sorting out a costume, or you just don’t really feel like dressing up. Have no fear, effortless and recognisable dress-ups are here. Grab your friends, some tape and glue, and head down to the closest shopping centre. Here’s a few group dress-ups that require literally 5 minutes of your day.

Stranger Things Crew

Thanks to Netflix shows, kids these days now have a lot more to dress up as. It’s pretty easy to go as the crew from Stranger Things, so if you’ve got a friend group of 4 or more people, assign yourselves a character. Baseball tees, jeans and trucker hats will sort you out. Remember to channel that 80’s vibe. If you’re going as Eleven, wear a pink frilly dress and drip a lil’ blood out your nose. For a bonus, carry around an Eggo box (if you can find that in Australia.)

Wayne’s World

Classic 90’s movie. Can’t go wrong with the dress-up. Luckily, its super recognisable and also super easy with little effort involved. Team up with a mate and decide who’s Garth and who’s Wayne. Garth: you’ll need baggy jeans, a white t-shirt, a flannel over the top and some killer nerd glasses. If you don’t have the hair, invest $5 into a blonde wig. Wayne: Pick out a black and white trucker hat, baggy ripped jeans and a black t-shirt. Done. Remember to show up to the party head-banging to Bohemian Rhapsody.

Mario and Luigi

Get your dad to pull out those denim overalls he still has from the 80’s, you’ll need them. Dress up as the most famous plumbers of all time with little-to-no effort. Buy or draw on a fake mustache, and a red and green tshirt. The caps are staple to the look, but not 100% necessary. If you’re struggling to find the exact one, you can take a little extra time to dye or paint a white one. Don’t forget the signature M and L.

Mean Girls

There’s one of three ways you can take a Mean Girls costume. Animals, holey tshirts or pink on Wednesdays. Either way, they’re super easy group dressups. If you’re going for Regina George’s classic Halloween outfit, grab a tight black dress and a variety of animal ears…I’m a mouse, duh. Your next option is the holey tshirt. Get a tshirt you don’t really wear anymore and cut two big holes where on your chest. Major crowd pleaser. Your last option is to just dress up as the girls, you’ll need a lot of pink and you better hope your party is falling on a Wednesday.

Vampires, Devils, Ghouls or Anything Of That Sort

Pick a base colour for your outfits. Black for vampires, red for demons, white for ghosts and ghouls. Next step is to get yourself some fake blood and literally splash it on yourself. If you’re wanting to take it a step further, eye contacts, horns or fangs can tie together the look.

The Powerpuff Girls

If you’ve got three friends who also have no idea what the fuck to dress up as, grab a pink, blue and green shirt. Cut out some thick black stripes and stick them on. Pair with some white socks or pants and a different hairstyle for each of you, and there you go: Powerpuff Girls.


The main feature of Kiss’s signature look is the out of control face paint. If you’re not keen to go all out with the outfit, wear black and white and go ham on the face paint. Get a little inspo from the band members. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be perfect. The messier, the more rock & roll.

The Sims

Literally the easiest costume of all time. You’ll be wearing your own clothes, so there’s that already sorted. Bring out two pictures of the classic green plumbob diamond, stick them on a piece of wire back to back and attach to your head. That’s it.

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