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Guy Named Doug Bowser Is Now Head Of Nintendo And He Probs Also Lives In Moo Moo Meadows

An encouraging parent often preaches to their child, “Follow your dreams kid, live up to your  name!” Often these children will listen but generally they don’t take it quite as literally as Nintendo’s new President did.

Following 15 years in the top job, former President of Nintendo USA, Reggie Fils-Aime has retired. Replacing him is Doug Bowser, the company’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. It’s a job any pre-mid-post pubescent human dreams of ever having and, quite obviously, no person in their right mind could pass up on having Mr. Bowser take his spot.

The former President’s statement to the press was above all else, bloody wholesome content. One guy with an ice cream cone has never looked, nor sounded, so fly.

“As I look forward to departing in both good health and good humour, this is not ‘game over’ for me, but instead ‘leveling up’ to more time with my wife, family and friends.”

Bowser is stepping up to what is looking to be an enormous year for the company, with 2019 possibly seeing the launch of Nintendo’s first Mario Kart for iPhones.

Hours of gruesomely frustrating attempts to conquer Rainbow Road now await us…

Side note: jury is still out on the home location of Mr. Bowser. Odds are it’s gotta be Moo Moo Meadows though.

Image Source: Fanpop, @Nibellion, @MyNintendoNews

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