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Hacks For A Successful Winery Weekend

Planning a weekend away to wine regions around Australia is a tough job at the best of times. There’s so much to think about, let alone organise. Use these hacks to make sure your trip runs as smooth as a bottle of Cab Sav. Mates, good wine and good food and are the perfect blend.

#1 Designated Driver

The biggest problem when going to wine regions is the argument of who’s going to drive. You better hope you’ve got a friend that doesn’t drink or better yet, is willing to dribble graciously into the spittoon. If you’re unlucky enough that you all enjoy a tipple (or six), you might want to think about hiring bikes to venture round the country roads, or buying those hop on hop off bus tickets. Make sure you organise this pre trip, though. You don’t want to be stuck, and it’s never a good idea to drink and drive.

#2 Stay Close To The Region

Lots of wine regions are fairly spread out so make sure you book accommodation as close to the main area as you can. Do your research and locate which wineries you want to go to and pick the perfect location from there. It’s also a good idea to book a house or cottage on AirBnB rather than staying in hotels. Especially if you’re with a group of friends. Splitting the price makes it way cheaper than the expensive resorts you’ll find. Plus, you get to cook your own meals, have a communal space for drinks and will probably have a garden to chill in all to yourselves.

#3 Book A Couple Of Tours

As much as we all believe ourselves to be wine connoisseurs, we’re not. Tours are always useful to look into, especially if you’re in a group. It will be a laugh, you’ll learn heaps about wine and the region and there’s no organisation involved after you book. There’s nothing worse than all wanting to go to different wineries or having no clue about where to go. Use the resources you have and get someone who has knowledge of the region to show you around. Locals know best, right?

#4 Buy Local Produce

If you’re a fan of cheese, wine regions are the weekend getaway for you. Instead of paying hundreds at restaurants around the region, check out the local cheese shop. Grab some creamy goodness to make a picnic for lunch, or even a whilst you absorb a sunset over the vines. There’s nothing better than heaps of fresh, local food and a bottle (or two) of wine you’ve bought that day. It’s the simple things in life.

#5 Discount Perks

If you’re a complete wino, and looking to take some bottles home with you from the trip, make sure you get the best prices. Most cellar doors will have a six bottle price, so if you’ve got four already in the bag, grab another two, and it’ll probably work out as one bottle free. Bonus! As well as buying wine, tours will often include discounts at certain cellar doors, so make sure you take advantage of the perks.

Image Source: Kelsey Knight, Eric Nopanen, Armando Castillejos 

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