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How To Handle Moving Back In With Your Parents

So you’ve returned from the notorious gap year, or maybe even the mid uni cultural exchange. Perhaps you realised that working full time on entry level pay and trying to keep up with the cost of living in an Australian city can leave you little to know extra cash for food. Well, whatever the reason, making the trip back to the parentals place after having a real taste for independence is never easy. So rather than moping, complaining and ending every night in strife with your parents, here are a couple of tips and tricks to help you handle the situation with a little more ease.

Pay Board/Rent

Contributing some of your own cash to the household is super important if you move back in with your parents. Yes, your reason for moving back home in the first place was motivated by financial stress, but paying half of what you did before in rent, leaves you extra cash than before. Paying board is a sign of your newfound independence and demonstrates to your parents, that you actually do have your shit together. In contributing to the household it shows you understand the living costs of being a real adult.

Take Part In Household Requirements

This one is a no brainer, but can often slip your mind if you’re craving the luxuries of your parents home. Remember to still do your bit around the house; clean the bathroom, wash, do the groceries. Your parents will have more respect for your initiative and responsibility if you actually step up and assert your role.

Keep The Communication Open

One of the hardest things of moving back home is feeling as though you’ve lost all your newfound independence. Speak with your parents, tell them how you are feeling about the move and how you may even be struggling with adjusting back to home life. If you aren’t open about how you feel, you may become resentful, which is beneficial for absolutely no one. And, the more you communicate the struggles the more advice you will receive. Parents generally tend to be pretty good with that.

Set Yourself Goals

Moving back in with your parents may leave you in a state of comfort, with no desire to again leave the house (well at least for another five years). Rather than moping in your own sorrow and basking in the world of a full fridge and freshly washed clothes, set yourself a plan. This is the time when you should be getting your finances in order, working out your next career move or maybe even seeking out what affordable housing options are out their for you. Remember, it won’t be a forever situation, so long as you work out your next move.

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