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Handmaid’s Tale Season Three Trailer Dropped And Twitter Is Losing It’s Mind

We all know that one of the most talked about parts of the Super Bowl is the ads. Brands inject potentially thousands of dollars into creating the most kick ass ad of the night. Sometimes they’re amazing, and sometimes they’re so bad they start an internet campaign.

But the one type of ad that gets everyone talking is the trailers. And this year’s Super Bowl saw the drop of a cracker. Dystopian future drama The Handmaid’s Tale premiered their season three teaser and it feels eerily familiar for all the wrong reasons.

Initially presented as what looks like a plush political campaign quickly dissolves into a fiery hellscape of your nightmares. Not so dissimilar to the state of US politics right now. A disembodied narrator cheerfully tells us that “Today, more women will go to work than ever before in our country’s history”. Well, he’s not wrong.

Twitter has some thoughts about it all and honestly, it’s a mood.

Honestly, I’m just hoping governments don’t decide to use Handmaid’s Tale as a how to. Not super keen on having women’s reproductive rights even more tampered with by random dudes tyvm.

There’s no date yet on the new release, but it’s supposed to hit Hulu some time at the end of the year. Until then, if any of you Aussie folk wanna catch up, you can find season one on Stan, and season two on SBS On Demand.

Image Source: Hulu YouTube

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