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How To Harness Your New Found Freedom After Graduation

Graduation is a massive deal. You’ve made it through years of exams, assignments, group assignments (shudder), all-nighters and breakdowns. So after such a big clump of your life desists (quite suddenly, for that matter), it’s natural to feel as though you’re lost. When really, there’s actually so much you can do to harness your new found freedom. The aim is to do whatever you want to do (without a guilty conscious.)

Go On A Holiday

You’ve now got that piece of paper that cost you thousands of dollars to acquire. you’ve already spent a tonne so what’s a little more for the sake of a damn good time? Grab all your mates, go on an adventure and make it one to remember. Pack a good camera and capture all the fun you’re having, so that when you enter into full time work, you can look back to when you had copious amounts of freedom.

Hang Out With Friends (Because You Have No Plans)

Go to the movies, get take out, have a massive adult sleepover and build a pillow fort. Why? Because it’s fun and you don’t have anything else to do. Go to the beach, go bowling, do beer yoga, go to the park. The list could go on for a while.

Binge Watch Netflix (Without Shame)

Remember the days where you’d have to binge watch a whole Netflix season in one day while trying hard to ignore your other responsibilities? Of course you do, and it’s what nightmares are made of. Now that you’ve graduated, you can inhale as much content as you want. And the best part? You can do it without shame. Oh sweet, sweet freedom.

Party Then Sleep For Days

You can party until you’re purple and not have a care in the world.  You and your friends can put on all your favourite songs and spend time together before venturing out to the city. After all the party antics are done and dusted, you can take the time to recover. You wont have to wake up to study or write the last paragraph and references of an assignment you’ve been putting off. All you’ve got to focus on is catching up on all the sleep you missed over the last couple years.

Reconnect With All The Hobbies You Had To Toss Aside

When you’re committed to getting an education, your hobbies may be tossed aside for the sake of your GPA. While this is fair enough (and also sad), you’re free now and can do whatever you want, remember? If you want to spend time drawing, take it one step further and join a cork and chroma class. Maybe you’ve got a book that’s had 100 pages remaining for the past 4 months. Get it done and read it.. then buy another book and read that one too.

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