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Harry Styles Could Play Elvis Presley In Upcoming Biopic, And I Reckon It’s A Vibe

Harry Styles is leading the race in who will play Elvis Presley in upcoming biopic

Harry Styles is leading the race in getting the role of Elvis Presley in an upcoming biopic directed by Aussie Baz Luhrmann. This would absolutely be the biggest role Styles has scored in a movie production and we’re so rooting for him.

The competition for this role is absolutely fierce. The running contenders  include Ansel Elgort, Austin Butler, Miles Tiller and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. While they’re still in the ranks, Styles is deff the most promising. He’s has already submitted his screen audition and has received “serious consideration” for this role.

And considering the major names already involved in this production, you just know this movie will be a smash hit. The movie will obviously follow the life of singer and icon Elvis Presley. However, the movie will reportedly focus heavily on Presley’s relationship with his manager and long time friend, Col. Tom Parker.

Tom Hanks is also rumoured to play the role of Presley’s manager. So like, picture Tom Hanks and Harry Styles together in a movie (ugh). Something about that concept just exudes major good vibes. And although the movie hasn’t even been fully cast, it’s already widely anticipated.

While Styles is a bit new to acting, one thing he deff isn’t new to is rock n’ roll, his unique style and sussing out retro vibes. This year, Harry Styles even played with Stevie Knicks on a Gucci cruise. So he’s already had serious experience with rock n’ roll and being extra with fashion. Which are deff the two most notable things about Elvis Presley, a.k.a the king of rock n’ roll.

Even though the movie doesn’t have a set release day, so many people are already talking about it. Some people are super into Styles taking on this role, while others are questioning Style’s interest in portraying Elvis Presley.

Because ya know, Elvis Presley is American and has a dark complexion. And Styles is British and like obvi white af. But I mean, all technicalities.

Personally I think Styles would nail this role. And no matter what, this movie is definitely going to be a hit. I mean, Elvis Presley had a very interesting life. From his sick dance moves that changed a generation to his untimely death, this movie is going to be super interesting.

Image Source: Harry Styles Facebook, Elvis Presley Facebook, GIPHY

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