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Harry Styles Has Collab’d With Calm To Read You To Sleep, So Dream On Sweet Prince

Do not stay calm.

Although 2020 has thrown up plenty of villains this year, Harry Styles continues to work his superhero efforts – and he’s back to make sure you never sleep difficult again.

Yep that’s right you Harry Styles stans, Calm – the sleep, relaxation and meditation app – has joined forces with the former One Direction singer – to read you all of the bed time stories.

The collab is part of a new series called Harry Styles: Dream With Me. Yes, yes I will dream with you, sir.

The announcement was made after clearly heaps of requests from fans of the app, with Calm releasing a sneaky video on Twitter announcing the new – and probably best ever – collaboration. That after an even cheekier teaser tweet by the brand, over the weekend.

As you can imagine, basically the entire Twittersphere and I went, well the completely opposite of calm – dreaming of our very own watermelon bed-time kisses.

And look the irony is really, how on this planet earth, am I meant to stay calm, with Harry reading me to bed??? CALM THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISING.

In actual fact, after tucking myself in, all warm and cosy, after reading this – I might actually never sleep again. So thanks for that Calm, you’ve both answered my dreams, and destroyed me at the same time.

Perhaps the most worrying thing though is that I’m going to have to explain to my boyfriend that I spent $70 (in fact more, once it’s changed from USD to AUD) – to hear Harry in my ear as I fall to sleep.

But frankly, I’ll take it – now please announce Timothee Chalamet, thanks.

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