Hectic “Hairy Angry Venus Fly Trap” Bikini Has Literally Everyone Shook

We’ve witnessed a number of *cough* questionable fashion fads over the years. When reflecting on the evolution of style one cannot look past the legendary yet equally tragic denim-on-denim ensemble rocked by Britney and J-T back in 2001 (J-T we love you and forgive you).

Yet fashion sins, even in 2019, are still being committed and what’s different now is that the whole Internet rallies in backlash. One mummy blogger really set fire to the imaginative minds of Instagram and Facebook users alike after gifting us with a hilariously accurate mockery of the latest swimwear trend. That excessively high waisted design really does defy all logic when it comes to simple yet necessary things such as practicality and coverage…are we really asking for all that much?

‘Hairy venus fly trap’ and ‘fanny flossing’ are honestly the tamest descriptions and they don’t even come close to the creativity of hundreds of other comments on both the original post and other brands promoting the same rather risqué style.

The lack of coverage really doesn’t leave too much to the imagination. It begs us to question, how did this even make it past the concept stage?! The comments are also borderline MA15+ and we advise you not to attempt to explain them to your younger siblings. At least us Australians are being commended for our creativity though, right?!


Image Source: Knee Deep in Life Instagram 

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