Here We Go Again, The Internet Is Divided About Whether These Shoes Are Teal And Grey Or Pink And White

It’s the gold/blue dress situation all over again…

Anyone remember that picture of a gold/blue dress that circulated in 2015? That dress divided nations! (The dress was blue and I will fight anyone who thinks otherwise.) Well anyway, a similar illusion picture is circulating the internet at the moment.

Everybody is torn over the colour of these shoes – some people see a grey shoe with blue/green coloured detailing and others see a pink shoe with white detailing. Even celebrities have weighed in to decide on the colour of these stupid Vans.

This is all thanks to Gemini Man actor Will Smith who shared a video of himself discussing the Old Skool Vans on Instagram, 5 days ago. The photo was originally shared on Twitter in 2017, but must have slipped through Will’s feed back then.


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Which colors do you see?? ?

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Anyway, low and behold, the most annoying (GREY) Vans you ever did see.

Even Lizzo has posted on IG to share her opinion that the shoe is in fact teal and grey. Love when Lizzo and I agree on things, so cute.


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So there are a few rumours circulating that if you see pink and white, the right side of your brain is dominant and if you see teal and grey, the left side of your brain is dominant. If this is true, according to PersonalityMax those of us who see teal and grey are more logical, practical action thinkers. Whereas those weird people who see pink/white are more creative types and “out of the box” thinkers. I don’t know, you tell me?

Once again, everyone is fed up with these mindfuck pictures that keep dividing the internet.

Twitter, I agree this hurts my brain. Lets just let it go and agree that they’re TEAL AND GREY!

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