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Here’s A Bunch Of Netflix Cooking Shows To Inspire Your Next Isolation Baking Spree

Please watch Nailed It, I beg you.

If you haven’t tried baking or cooking something new, time consuming, and Instagrammable during isolation, then you’re not really insolation.

From breaking bread from scratch, to making home-made Biscoff cheesecake (I TRIED THIS AND WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND), everyone’s getting their cooking skills up to scratch. For those of you who need some inspo, here are all the best cooking shows to binge on Netflix – and don’t worry, I’ve included something for you non-chefs too.

If You Reckon You’re Now A Cake Expert, Watch Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush is a dessert-making competition with really tight time-limits. It’s mostly cupcakes and cakes, and it’ll 100% make you want to start a career in cake decorating. Or just eat frosting out of the tub. If you’re the kind of person who literally only bakes so you can play with food colouring and sprinkles, def check out this show.

Cooked Cannabis For When You Miss Being Baked

This show is literally about a bunch of expert cannabis chefs competing against each other to make gourmet three-course weed-infused meals. Absolutely cooked.

If You’re More Into Cooking Savoury Food, Watch Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

A myriad of different cultures and dishes with heaps of celebrities and lots of humour (think Chrissy Teigen and Seth Rogan), this cooking show is super fun and has more of that reality TV vibe. It’s wholesome soul-filling food-watching, and the host is hilarious and super engaging. Basically, watch this if you want a cooking show that hits different.

For All You Non-Bakers, Try Nailed It

Nothing inspires like the abysmal failure of others, right? Nailed It is a baking show for people who don’t know shit about baking – literally. The contestants get given ridiculously complex cakes to make, and have no idea where to start. Hilarity and chaos ensures, and I guarantee this show will make you feel better about your lack of cooking skills because there’s no way you would fuck up as badly as these people.

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