Here’s How You Can Help The Koala Sanctuary That Got Wiped Out By The Deadly Tanker Crash

We’re losing koalas at scary levels.

The tragic tanker crash that happened last week, killing three American firefighters, was somehow even more deadly than it was widely reported to be. The tragedy extended further because we didn’t just lose the heroes in the plane. We lost the koala sanctuary they were protecting, too.

The Two Thumbs Sanctuary was being protected from fires by the tanker before it went down – and when it crashed, it wiped out all their sheds and machinery as well as the entire koala colony in their care. It get’s even sadder – the koalas included those previously rescued and nursed back to health from other fires.

The loss has been devastating. Paired with the recent discovery that loggers are massacring koalas by the dozen in Victoria even after we lost so many in fires, it’s becoming more important than ever to protect them.

The koala sanctuary was completely decimated, and is now in desperate need of a revival for the precious few koalas left.  The land wasn’t just for the Two Thumbs sanctuary, but a zone where many local sanctuaries can release animals, so it’s incredibly important to protect it for the future of fire-affected species.

So, How Do We Help?

The Two Thumbs Sanctuary is asking for donations to rebuild and recover so they can buy the equipment needed to keep caring for koalas.

You can donate to the Two Thumbs Wildlife Trust here.

The trust covers a bunch of local sanctuaries, as well as rehabilitation and research centres. They don’t just care for koalas either – the sanctuaries are home to other endangered species like the greater gliders, squirrel gliders, Rosenberg’s goanna and the rare quoll.

It’s super important to try as hard as we can to support sanctuaries – because right now, we really can’t afford to lose more koalas.

Image Sources: Twitter @AnimalsAus, @_ceggy, @Stephiewashere, @scienceANU

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