Here’s Some Wholesome Coronavirus-Related Twitter Stories To Get You Through Self Isolation

Cute AF

All the constant stories of panic-buying, toilet paper hoarding, panadol shortages and old people being left behind have been really depressing to read about during this coronavirus pandemic.

It’s hard being shut up at home, spiralling into the abyss of bad news – so we’ve compiled a bunch of wholesome stories to come out of this epidemic to prove that sometimes humans are great, and that even though all of this is pretty miserable, there are some upsides.

Check Out This Little Girl Trying To Help Out Her Neighbourhood Kids In Self Isolation

And These Guys Making The Most Out Of Self Isolation In Italy

This Woman Helped An Elderly Couple Get Their Groceries And It’s The Compassion We Wanna See During This Epidemic

Nature Is Re-Claiming Italy After The Country Went Into Lockdown

This Couple Gave Out Free Sanitizer To Old People

A Local Business Bought A 3D Printer To Help Medical Staff

All 16 Temporary Hospitals In Wuhan Are Finally Closed Now That They’ve Got The Coronavirus Under Control

There’s plenty of more news online about every day people helping each other in the face of adversity. Stay strong and stay positive – and do what you can to help your mates.

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